Weekend of Low Temperatures

3 October 2014
Do you fancy making your own hologram or experiencing levitation, or perhaps you strive to see cosmic radiation particle trails or make drawings using a real lightning! Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw and Polskie LNG, a company in charge of construction of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, invite all science geeks to the Weekend of Low Temperatures - #Coolly about Physics on Saturday and Sunday.
Weekend of Low Temperatures – #Coolly about Physics

Polskie LNG company, the investor in the greatest Polish energy project of recent years – the LNG terminal in Świnoujście – is an exclusive partner of Copernicus Science Center’s physics laboratory. During the coming weekend, it will present to all visitors a vast array of physical phenomena applied in gas transmission process. Demonstrations with the use of liquid nitrogen and dry ice will be held at the company’s stand and at the physics lab. – During the demonstrations embracing education and fun, the participants will learn the characteristics of liquefied natural gas, said Maciej Mazur, Corporate Communications Director at Polskie LNG.

Attractions will include chemical process of “pumping” balloons, setting a chemical locomotive in motion and production of a special toothpaste for … an elephant. Braver and older kids will have a chance to play with liquid nitrogen. Of course, the good old tricks such as freezing a rose flower or hammering a nail with a frozen banana will be there, too. It will be possible to take a selfie inside a virtual LNG terminal at Polskie LNG’s stand or to take part in Instagram contest with prizes. There will be also cartoons and documentary films including information about the LNG terminal. More information at education portal on liquefied natural gas www.lng.edu.pl.

Scary experiments will be demonstrated from 10 AM till 7 PM. A small Tesla generator producing sparks will be used to make drawings. Visitors will also have a possibility to produce individually designed holograms and observe own temperature using a thermographic camera! That is not all, however. When reading this news, your body is being penetrated by several hundred cosmic radiation particles moving at a great speed; using so-called fog-chamber it is possible to see the trace of these particles in the atmosphere. In addition to these, the participants will see how superconductors work in ultra-fast and levitating trains in China and will learn why a refrigerator is actually a heater.