Second edition of Polskie LNG Local Initiatives’ Support Fund launched!

10 August 2015
The call for applications for financial grants to projects dedicated to the development of Świnoujście is open from 10 August till 30 October. For the second time, the citizens of Świnoujście, NGOs and public institutions may submit their applications for grants to Polskie LNG Local Initiatives’ Support Fund.

Last year, by means of Polskie LNG Local Initiatives’ Support Fund, 22 projects in sport, education, safety, ecology, culture and arts were awarded grants of up to PLN 5 thousand. Total amount of granted subsidies exceeded PLN 100 thousand. The second edition of the Fund will be launched on 10 August; the call for applications will last till 30 October.
– Owing to the commitment of numerous local community activists and professional groups, Polskie LNG Local Initiatives’ Support Fund proved to be the best practice in supporting the development of local society. It helps us understand the challenges faced by the citizens on a daily basis and inspires our endeavours to respond to these challenges, said Maciej Mazur, Corporate Communications Director at Polskie LNG.
The budget of the Fund is dedicated to initiatives of particular importance for development of Warszów local community and entire population of Świnoujście. It allows the company to award individual grants amounting to PLN 5 thousand. Pursuant to the Fund’s statute, the projects eligible for grants are those pertaining to education, safety, ecology, sports, culture and arts. In these domains, Polskie LNG is particularly committed to developing the region.
– We are convinced that the experience of the first edition will allow the potential beneficiaries of the Fund to submit even better and more interesting projects, the implementation of which will establish positive mutual relations and bring tangible results in promotion, education, protection of historic and cultural heritage of this region and integration, said Joanna Agatowska, the chairperson of the Fund’s Council. The opportunity of awarding grants of PLN 5 thousand to good local ideas is a positive sign on the part of Polskie LNG which develops the creativity of organizations operating within this community and in particular in Warszów district, but also of the entire city of Świnoujście.
Brasilian ju-jitsu course for children and teens, purchasing fitness equipment and outfitting recreational zones in Świnoujście, purchasing carbon monoxide detectors for the residents and firefighters in Warszów district are just several examples of numerous ideas supported by Polskie LNG in 2014. The initiatives which had already been granted subsidies are in progress, whereas new call for initiatives has been announced. Świnoujście citizens, as well as NGOs and public institutions are invited to submit applications for support from Polskie LNG Social Initiatives’ Support Fund. There is no constraint as to the number of applications filed by a single entity; the creativity of the initiatives for the benefit of Świnoujście is the only limit.