Safe Beach with Voluntary Water Rescue Service and Polskie LNG

17 July 2015
"Water rescue services in Świnoujście supported by Polskie LNG" - such a slogan will appear on T-shirts, lifeguard stations and Water Voluntary Rescue Service base in Świnoujście this weekend. For three years, Polskie LNG has continued its financial commitment to improving safety and promoting safe recreation at the seaside. Under the "Safe Beach" project, the lifeguards will organize educational activities addressed to hundreds of thousands of beachgoers.
The “Safe Beach” project starts this weekend, July 18-19

Strategic cooperation between Water Voluntary Rescue Service and Polskie LNG – a company in charge of construction of the liquefied natural gas import terminal situated on the right bank of the Świna river estuary, is conducted under the name “Safe Beach”. It constitutes one of the modules of a broader programme named “Safe City”, comprising educational activities at the seaside as well as trainings in first aid for Świnoujscie students along with public transport drivers. Likewise, paramedics and nurses may acquire professional qualifications under this programme. The company also provided a number of public facilities with life-saving equipment.

– All these actions are aimed to enhance the sense of safety among Świnoujscie community as well as the visitors to the resort. The intention of our programme is to educate children and youth and consequently increase the awareness of the need to help others, making them capable of and competent in providing first aid. Furthermore, trainings for emergency and rescue services and medical personnel result in their increased efficiency, said Maciej Mazur, director of Corporate Communications Office in Polskie LNG, adding that Polskie LNG – being the major investor in the region and a responsible neighbour of the local community – is expected to support safety enhancement initiatives.

The “Safe Beach” project starts this weekend, July 18-19, and will begin with water rescue demonstrations, prepared by WOPR Intervention Group Swinoujscie (at 11:00 on Uznam beach). Concurrently, at the School of First Aid, all the families relaxing on Świnoujście beaches will have an opportunity to take part in educational activities and to acquire knowledge and skills in providing first-aid to drowning persons and using rescue equipment.

– It will be a very exciting and engaging programme, assures Apolloniusz Kurylczyk, director of the Water Voluntary Rescue Service in West Pomerania Province. ‘Participants and spectators of lifeguards’ demonstrations will see with their own eyes the results of irresponsible and careless behaviour in water’. The program includes assisting the drowning person, demonstration of the use of defibrillators and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In addition, the demonstrations will include rescue action using motor vessels such as boats and a scooter equipped with a rescue platform. At the end of the show and School of the First Aid, the participants will receive small gifts.

The project encompasses a total of four such shows, with the subsequent ones held on 01-02 August and 08-09 August (in Warszów) and 15-16 August (in Uznam). This will not be the end of the “Safe Beach” project, though. In addition to educational activities and rescue demonstrations, throughout the summer season, thousands of safety wristbands with parents’ phone number will be distributed to children. These wristbands were sponsored by Polskie LNG.

– Last year we distributed as many as 1500 such wristbands on the beach in Świnoujście. Owing to this action, the number of children reported missing decreased by approx. 40 percent, said Apoloniusz Kurylczyk. Moreover, Polish championships in water rescue are planned in July (25-26 July) with ever greater popularity among spectators, as well as a quiz show “Terminaliada” offering loads of attractions for beachgoers.

– The novelty this year is 50 sets of professional clothing for lifeguards, allowing them to provide the service regardless of weather conditions – adds Maciej Mazur. – We are pleased to announce that the slogan “Water rescue services in Świnoujście supported by Polskie LNG” will be seen not only on T-shirts and jackets, but also on lifeguards’ stations and bases.

The cooperation between Polskie LNG and WOPR in West Pomerania Province has continued for three years, mainly on the islands of Uznam and Warszów on a 700 meters’ long guarded beach where hundreds of thousands of tourists enjoy holiday leisure every year. Rescue demonstrations under the “Safe Beach” programme held in 2014 gathered over 70 thousand spectators.

More information about the project is available at the Company’s education portal:

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