Polskie LNG will arrange training courses for nurses, emergency service workers, city transport drivers, journalists and students

9 April 2015
First series of professional training courses for nurses from Jan Garduła’s Municipal Hospital in Świnoujście has commenced. By that very fact the second edition of the “Safe City” programme implemented by Polskie LNG in cooperation with “Zawsze Bezpieczni” [Always Safe] Foundation was inaugurated. It is estimated that several thousand people will have an opportunity to participate in this edition, including nurses, emergency service workers, city transport drivers, journalists and students from Świnoujście schools.

The overall objective of the „Safe city” programme is to increase the level of safety in Śwonoujście through systematic development of service workers’ competence and education of citizens in first aid.

– By this unique programme, Polskie LNG company demonstrates its commitment to safety, said Krzysztof Patelak, the CEO of “Zawsze Bezpieczni” Foundation, in charge of programme’s curriculum.

First edition

The concept of the “Safe City” programme was created in 2014 in the aftermath of “Social Dialogue” programme implemented by the investor in the LNG terminal in Świnoujście. The postulates raised by project stakeholders who participated in this initiative most often concerned safety matters in a broad sense.

In response to those postulates, in cooperation with the “Always Safe” Foundation Polskie LNG developed a programme comprising three modules: „Safe School”, „Safe Beach” and „Competent Service Workers”. In total, 4600 participants could develop their skills over 44 training days. “Safe school” module consisted in first aid trainings conducted in 141 groups at Świnoujście schools (2238 students aged 5-18 in 10 schools participated). Each student had an opportunity to individually practise particular actions on special first-aid training dummies. All the schools participating in the programme were also equipped with modern first-aid training instruments and first aid kits by Polskie LNG.

„Competent service workers” module consisted in training middle-rank personnel (60 nurses) from Jan Garduła’s Municipal Hospital in Świnoujście (4 training courses certified by American Heart Association were based on the latest cardiopulmonary resuscitation guidelines). Moreover, approximately 200 emergency rescuers and National Fire Service staff as well as 60 volunteer firefighters participated in the remaining seminars and trainings.

„Safe Beach” module comprised 12 demonstrations of water rescue actions by WOPR Intervention Group, watched by over 70 thousand spectators during summer holiday season. Lifeguards and instructors conducted trainings in first aid, in particular in accidents such as choking, cardiac arrest and demonstrated defibrillation procedure. During the “Safe Beach” programme, instructors distributed as many as 8 thousand child safety wristbands with parents’ contact information. After holidays, in September, lifeguards and instructors continued the programme at schools and kindergartens in Świnoujście under the “I already know” campaign.

Now it’s time for the second edition

– This year’s edition of the „Safe City” programme has been improved and modified. Essentially, it has been developed to include new target groups so as to allow the entire community to benefit from the project, said Maciej Mazur, Director for Corporate Communications in Polskie LNG S.A. Project organizers planned lots of new attractions for participants. The “Safe School” module has been substantially enhanced. Students of Świnoujście schools will learn new aspects of safety and first aid. The training courses will include the latest teaching hands-on methodology “Watch and Try”, audio and visual resources and 3D technology such as the one used for instance in computer games. In total, 140 groups in 10 schools in Świnoujście will take part in professional training courses in first aid. At the end of the year, the 2nd Interschool Competition in First Aid for the Polskie LNG Cup will be held.

A brand new component under this module is „Safe Transport” comprising training courses for city transport personnel, during which the participants will acquire new practical skills that are vital at the scene of an accident and in first aid. Additionally, journalists will have an opportunity to participate in „Heartsaver First Aid RKO AED”, a one-day training course dedicated to non-medical staff and conducted by doctors and medical rescue personnel. The course ends with a test, and the International Certificate of the American Heart Association will be awarded to all successful takers.

Nurses first

The second edition of the „Safe City” module has been launched this week. On 7, 9, and 10th April, the first series of training courses under the “Competent Service workers” takes place. The series includes advanced programme for nurses from Jan Garduła’s Municipal Hospital in Świnoujście. Thirty-eight nurses will take part in training courses titled Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers – Heartsaver BLS HCP and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support – ACLS. The participants will acquire new competences such as clearing the airway, performing emergency and rescue action and effective communication methods in teamwork and with patients. The training course involves modern teaching methods using professional video instruction. This method will allow the participants to learn the entire decision-making process during emergency and rescue action which proved to have a substantial impact on making correct decisions in everyday professional practice. The “Competent Service Workers” module designed for 40 emergency rescue personnel will also involve a training using Virtual Medical Simulator.

– A simulation task starts and ends at the scene of an accident. The participants in simulation tasks work in pairs, using medical instruments and perform medical rescue of one victim at a time. Each team follows a different set of accident scenarios, said Krzysztof Pielak.

Safety in the first place

„Safe City” is a long-term project which lasts from April through October. It is an “umbrella” programme under which new tools are developed, but also covering all the initiatives implemented by Polskie LNG in the domain of safety. The company would like to assure that it will engage in other campaigns as well, including continued strategic cooperation with Water Volunteer Rescue Service under the trainings and demonstrations performed at the beaches of Świnoujście. More information on company commitment to Świnoujście is available at polskielng.pl and lng.edu.pl.

The programme is executed under the patronage of the Mayor of Świnoujście City, the Governor of West Pomerania and the President of West Pomerania Region.