Polskie LNG invites to a remarkable event during the FAMA Festival – The Weekend in Warszów

21 August 2015
A two-day long event filled with attractions– „Weekend in Warszów” will take place next Saturday and Sunday (22 and 23 August) in Świnoujście. A famous Polish rap music performer - O.S.T.R. will be the star of the event. Apart from music, the event will offer the possibility to explore and discover mysteries of the universe together with Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Center, witness wonderful science experiments and chemical demonstrations hand in hand with the “Little Engineer” and participate in plethora of live concerts and presentations of hip-hop culture. On top of these, there will be a circus show and lots of games for kids. All these attractions will take place in the recreational zone funded by Polskie LNG - a strategic sponsor of the 45th edition of the FAMA Festival.

During the 45th International Artistic Campus – as this is the full name of the festival – both the tourists and residents of Świnoujście will have an opportunity to enjoy dozens of various cultural events. As each year the festival will host spectacular debuts, great come-backs and renowned artists who started their careers at Fama festival some years ago. Entrance to all these attractions is – obviously – free of charge. The FAMA Festival takes place in a number of venues all over Świnoujście, yet the events planned for the coming weekend shall attract the public to the right-bank part of the city, as it is Warszów district that will host numerous festival attractions by virtue of cooperation with Polskie LNG company. Several will take place in the modern recreational zone established by Polskie LNG. It accommodates a small amphitheatre with auditorium and a playground with a large pirate ship, a bower and other attractions for kids and an open-air gym for adults.

This is the first large investment accompanying the construction of the LNG terminal, erected in Warszów district of Świnoujście city by Polskie LNG. It was opened in May, and the total cost of the project amounted to PLN 1.2 million. The area of 3400 sq.m. of a fenced yard, illuminated and equipped with sound system and monitoring is designed to enhance integration of the local community.

We strive persistently to turn the proximity of the LNG terminal into an asset which will be beneficial for the local community. We support numerous local initiatives and events, we also endeavour to organize at least some of them in Warszów district, assures Maciej Mazur, the Director for Corporate Communications at Polskie LNG. Nobody shall feel disappointed with variety and quality of entertainment planned for the coming “Weekend in Warszów”. We will be waiting for you from 2 PM at the local Community Centre in Sosnowa 18, where a special “festival site” will be established.

Festival agenda:

Saturday, 22nd August

The main attraction of the Saturday part of „Weekend in Warszów” will be an exhibition by the Copernicus Science Center. The Community Centre will become a venue for interactive experiments using exhibits brought from Warsaw to encourage the participants to discover natural sciences by themselves. The exhibition titled „Let’s Experiment!” is addressed to the audience of all ages, ranging from pupils and students and adults alike. It is related with the history of establishing the Copernicus Science Centre; it had been touring across Poland with its famous “Let’s Experiment” exhibition long before its permanent seat in Warsaw was established.

Another source of attractions during the Weekend in Warszów will be…. local courtyards. Simple and accessible almost in all conditions, boosting imagination, yet almost completely forgotten. Younger generation will have a chance to check how fun it is to play outside while older attendees will be invited to take part in sentimental competitions. Warszów courtyard will constitute a kind of interactive museum, as many games once popular around backyards are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Most popular games will be properly described and displayed on information boards and the entire event will be coordinated by coaches and referees, who will also arrange the tournaments and competitions. Hopscotch, Chinese jump rope and bottle cap games as well as airhockey and various gym using a carpet rack; all this fun will be followed by a concert of Kari & The Buskers, Frankenstein Children, and ULTRA band – a star of the evening.

The youngest visitors will surely enjoy the Circus Academy. Professional trainers will teach various disciplines and tricks: juggling, plate spinning or slacklining. The participants will also watch professional demonstrations and circus show. For those striving for more entertainment we prepared blowing soap bubbles. There will be various tools and toys for blowing soap bubbles available. A performance by a good-tempered pirate Dobromir Kulturka and a fearsome corsair Groźbir Pomruk will complete the show. We will learn whether Dobromir Kulturka is able to teach good manners to the scariest corsair ever. A pirate with a real wooden leg and a cannon will teach kids a rap song including such words as “please”, “excuse me”, and “thank you”. Fun with pirates will not be the only attraction of the day. It will be followed by Doctor Condenser and Professor Compressor who will introduce the youngest audience to the world of science and unveil the mysteries of the universe. The demonstrations will include numerous experiments, dry ice, locking inside a great soap bubble and shooting with air cannon.


Sunday, 23rd August

The music show by O.S.T.R. will mark the second day of „Weekend in Warszów” and complete a presentation on the foundations of hiphop culture as well as demonstrations by the „Little Engineer”

O.S.T.R. is one of the most talented producers and freestyle performers of Polish hiphop. This Lodz born and bred musician awarded with Fryderyk prize will demonstrate the sources of his inspiration – jazz and classical music. Although he graduated from the Music Academy in Lodz as a violinist, he had already demonstrated his interest in hiphop to which he dedicated his music career. He was also nominated to “Paszport Polityki” award and his solo albums produced by Asfalt Rec. often qualified for Golden and Platinum Records.

The introduction to his show will be the „Live with Passion” zone with numerous performances by representatives of various forms of hiphop culture. On this day, the “recreation zone” will be transformed into “energy zone. Artists will demonstrate their works of art to the public and they will invite all the participants to discussion and activities in their artistic domains. Thus, one artist will paint a huge graffiti picture on a special “large wall”, while the participants of “Weekend in Warszów” will be invited to try their graffiti painting skills. In a specially arranged place, Emil Kępski, a keen hiphop choreographer and dancer from Świnoujście will run a dancing mini-workshop and will demonstrate his dancing skills. Also beatboxers and DJs will show their crafts and all participants of “Weekend in Warszów” will be invited to try their talents on “open-mic” stage.

In the meantime, Polskie LNG tent will be occupied by the “Little Engineer”. Everyone will be invited to take part in experiments and chemical demonstrations. The demonstrations will include experiments using liquid nitrogen, helium and dry ice. There will be also information available regarding Polskie LNG activity in Świnoujście, i.e. about the terminal, its environmental and social impact, and it will be possible to discuss and dispel all doubts regarding the LNG terminal in Poland.


This year’s FAMA festival in Świnoujście will be 45th edition of this event, while it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. This mathematical ambiguity arises from the fact that between 1978 and 1982 the festival was banned for political reasons. Fama is the only interdisciplinary event designed to develop the artistry of young performers. It combines classical music with jazz, music groups and ensembles of all styles, singers, dancers, theatres, cabarets, interdisciplinary art groups, movies, photography, happening and performance arts, visual arts, writers and poets, journalists, critics, animators and stage managers. Its objective is to present the most gifted artists of younger generation and to create a platform for artistic development and confrontation each year. Polskie LNG is a strategic sponsor of the festival.

We wish to contribute to the initiatives by means of which this city may develop its touristic potential and to give an opportunity for the citizens to benefit from the developing infrastructure and to participate in interesting events, adds Maciej Mazur, Corporate Communications Director in Polskie LNG.

Detailed programme of „Weekend in Warszów” is available here, whereas the programme of this year’s edition of FAMA festival is available at www.fama.org.pl or under the following link:

Detailed programme of FAMA Festival