Polskie LNG fills the sails in Świnoujscie!

25 June 2015
Polskie LNG welcomes everyone to the series of unique sailing events taking place in Świnoujście this summer. By September, “Polskie LNG Sails” Programme will provide lots of attractions and memorable entertainment for all the tourists and city residents.

All recognized sailing events in Świnoujście are organized under the auspices of Polskie LNG company. Considered one of the most prominent among the world cup sailing events scheduled for this year – the next edition of Polish Match Tour – is expected to attract not only water sports’ fans.

We are launching the first pilot edition of Polskie LNG Sails programme. Its objective is to build Polskie LNG’s brand awareness and recognition and to promote the Company as a patron of important and prestigious sailing events in Świnoujście. Sailing – as a discipline – perfectly reflects Polskie LNG’s core values such as ecology, education and safety. The reputation of events organized by Polish Match Tour is unprecedented in Świnouście and this cooperation is regarded as having great potential both for promotion of the city, as well as for development of local sailboat racing by involving kids and youth, said Maciej Mazur of Polskie LNG.

After the success of the last year’s edition of Polskie LNG European championships in Match Racing which proved that the top class regatta can be well organized in the centre of the city, this year the organizers of Polish Match Tour prepared even more attractive and varied sailing programme called “Polskie LNG Sails” comprising the following events which will take place in the city: Świnoujście Match Race (13-16 August, during Świnoujście Sail) and Youth World Cup (13-19 September). Świnoujście Match Race is a high-class World Cup regatta (level 2 on the scale from 1 – masterclass to 5 – local). The races will take place on the waters of the Świna river, with participation of a number of world class champions.

Youth Sailing World Championship is one of the most important ISAF races held during the season. This year it will be hosted in the Polish coastal city of Świnoujście. The Races will take place near the coastline and in the proximity of the Yacht Port, making it a great attraction for the spectators gathered along the beach. The Races will last 5 days and will be full of attractions organized for the audience and the residents so as to make public involved in the water performance. For the first time in the Championship’s history, as many as twelve leading junior teams from all over the world will arrive to Poland to compete for the champion’s title. The trainings will commence on 12 September and will be followed by a grand opening of the Races held in the band shell, while the finals along with the closing ceremony are scheduled on 19 September.

So much ahead of us, but what we have already witnessed so far? Polish Match Tour fleet consisting of 6 identical Tom28-type yachts could be seen during the Polish Sailing Extraclass competition held on 19-21 June. The event took place in the city centre, and again was a great attraction for tourists and the residents of Świnoujście. This was the second of four qualifiers during which sailing clubs from all over Poland competed for the title of the National Champion and the promotion to international Sailing Champions League. It is also worth mentioning that – unusually for Polish Match Tour – this time it was organized in a form of fleet racing, with navy ships decorated with bunting in the background and open for sightseeing during the Sea Days celebrations held on those days.

– We intend to develop a brand of Świnoujście city as a symbol recognised as an organizer of top-class sailing events, said Maciej Cylupa, an organizer of Polish Match Tour. The Świna river is a new water body hosting lots of attractions for tourists and fans who can admire spectacular sailing competitions at their fingertips, a unique opportunity in this sport discipline. And for the sailors – the current of the river in the port channel and challenging changeable wind makes these competitions a particularly difficult exam in technical and tactical skills.