Polskie LNG CUP Soccer Competition

1 October 2014
The greatest soccer event for school children in West Pomeranian province is thriving! Over five hundred young footballers will take part in soccer championships combining sports and education. The last tournament under Polskie LNG CUP 2014 is still Ahead of us. It will be held in Świnoujście next Thursday, October 2nd. The leading sponsor of the event is Polskie LNG.
More information about the championships is available at the organizer’s website – www.allsports.com.pl. Enclosed there are photos for use by the Editorial Board (source: allsports.com.pl).

Polskie LNG CUP 2014 comprises four tournaments. The first one was held on 11 September in Świdwin. Four competing teams represented the districts of Białogard, Kołobrzeg and Świdwin. The winning team was Akademia Piłkarska Kotwica Kołobrzeg (Anchor Kolobrzeg Soccer Academy). The second competition was held on 18 September in Sianów. The teams representing Koszalin township, Koszalin country and Sławno districts took part in the competition held at the soccer pitch at ul. Mickiewicza. The winning team was Sławy Sławno.

The third competition, held on 25 September in Czaplinek, was won by SP Orzeł 2010 Wałcz. The last tournament will take place on 2 October at the soccer pitch at ul. Kościuszki in Świnoujście, and the competing teams will be Akademia Piłkarska Pogoń Szczecin, Arkonia Szczecin, Chemik Police, Football Academy Szczecin, Orlik Flota Świnoujście, Salos Szczecin and UKS Albatros Świnoujście.

Eight teams of twelve compete in each tournament under Polskie LNG cup. All the participants receive sport garment sets comprising t-shirts, shorts and spats sponsored by the company. Promoting healthy lifestyle and sports as a form of active leisure for youth is a main but not the sole priority of Polskie LNG CUP 2014. The tournament is a way to combine youth sport and education. In parallel with four tournaments, special demonstrations on liquefied gas and the LNG terminal in Świnoujście will be presented to the young audience. 30-minute long chemical demonstrations will be conducted by experienced instructors involved in „Little Engineer” project.

Why Polskie LNG is so much committed to amateur sports and youth education? As Maciej Mazur, Polskie LNG Corporate Communications Director puts it, by means of social dialogue with the West Pomerania Province residents, and particularly the citizens of Świnoujście where the LNG terminal is being built, the company has been advised on how it can contribute to the life of local community and it also informed the participants of the dialogue on the kind of initiatives that may receive company’s support the future. The priorities include education and amateur sports.  – Sport is a domain of life which naturally unites people and evokes positive emotions, said Maciej Mazur. This explains why the company organizes soccer tournaments for youth and provides financial support to Świnoujście sport clubs – UKS Prawobrzeże and MMKS Maraton.

– Under its support initiative for education, Polskie LNG sponsors a series of workshops in education and sports for pre-school kids and knowledge competitions organized in Świnoujście, including maths contest and a country-wide spelling competition, adds Maciej Mazur. The company provides also aid to various education institutions and facilities operating in this region, for instance by purchasing the equipment for physiotherapy gym at Elementary School No. 2 in Świnoujście, or furnishing the garderie in Warszów district. Polskie LNG is an exclusive partner of the Copernicus Science Center Physics Laboratory which occasionally offers its demonstrations in Świnoujście, at the invitation of Polskie LNG.

The obligations of the Company towards the local community arise from its responsibility for harmonious development and coexistence of three pivotal elements associated with the project: economy, society and natural environment. These activities follow from global trends of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. In pursuit of these principles, the Company has established its own CSR policy based on close relations with social environment and supporting local initiatives. By virtue of CSR, the LNG terminal is more than just a project of strategic importance for Polish economy; it is becoming a great opportunity for development of the city, Świnoujście community, and the entire West Pomeranian province.