LNG terminal in Świnoujście will enjoy professional fire protection

10 September 2014
Polskie LNG, the company in charge of the construction and operation of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście, will also build and equip – at its own expense – a modern rescue and firefighting station for the State Fire Service.
Polskie LNG committed itself to build a new station, while the State Fire Service will acquire a necessary plot of land for this purpose and assign qualified staff.

The newly endorsed agreements between Polskie LNG and the State Fire Service and the Governor of West Pomeranian Province provide for establishing and outfitting the new rescue and firefighting station with necessary equipment.

The first agreement refers to the construction of a new rescue and firefighting station which will provide fire security not only to the LNG Terminal, but also enable coordination of rescue actions for the benefit of Świnoujście citizens, according to its obligations arising from the regulations on the State Firefighting Service. – Special safety requirements pertaining to the LNG terminal include also the obligations arising from and related with fire protection. Therefore it is pivotal to enable the State Fire Service to initiate, organize, coordinate and perform response and rescue actions in the event of fire, natural calamities and other local disasters as quickly as possible and using the best equipment available, said Tomasz Pepliński, the President of Polskie LNG. The new firefighting station will be built in the immediate proximity of the LNG terminal, at Ku Morzu and Barlickiego crossing. Polskie LNG committed itself to build a new station, while the State Fire Service will provide a necessary plot of land for this purpose and assign qualified staff.

Equipment and operation
The second agreement pertains to equipping the station with necessary rescue and firefighting equipment by Polskie LNG. This equipment will comprise specialist vehicles including fire trucks and vehicles designed for work at height and highly specialised firefighting equipment. – Precise number and type of equipment necessary to conduct and organize rescue actions will be determined by the State Fire Service, as well as the internal and external operational and rescue plan for the LNG Terminal pursuant to the applicable provisions of law, said Antoni Podolski, the vice-president of Polskie LNG.

The State Fire Service shall be obliged to maintain permanently on call the necessary staff and equipment in the new station. As the State Fire Service will perform actions dedicated to fire protection of the LNG terminal and gas pipelines located at the project site, Polskie LNG and GAZ-SYSTEM will contribute to the costs related with such operations. The total cost of construction and equipping the new Station is estimated at PLN 20 million.

Much needed investment
The need to establish a professional station of the State Fire Service in the immediate proximity of the LNG terminal stems from its plan of construction and operations. Initially, fire security was to be provided by the company firefighting service with its headquarters at the plant’s site. In the course of consultations and dialogue with stakeholders of the project, resulting in the agreements signed today, the obligation to provide fire safety to LNG terminal was vested in the State Fire Service.

This is most advantageous decision. Entrusting all tasks and obligations related with providing fire safety to a well-trained and experienced professional team of rescue and firefighting station who are best prepared to conduct efficient rescue and response actions is the best guarantee of safety. As a specialized team in firefighting and responding to other threats in Świnoujscie, the team from rescue and firefighting station in Warszów will be able to initiate, organize and perform efficient actions, said Brigadier General Wiesław Leśniakiewicz[…], Chief Commander of the State Fire Service.

Another advantage of establishing a rescue and firefighting station of the State Fire Service outside the LNG terminal site is also that it will employ more firefighters ready to help the residents of Prawobrzeże district which – for the period of eight years – had only a fire service guard with several firefighters on duty on each shift. In emergency situations, squads from Uznam or Międzyzdroje had to be called.

Establishing a new station will increase safety of the LNG Terminal and local community. A professional, well equipped station with well-trained servicemen will ensure that actions are performed faster and are better coordinated, said Henryk Cegiełka, chief brigade manager and the regional commander of the State Fire Service in the West Pomeranian Province. – In emergencies, assuming the worst scenario with icy roads and in thick fog, the response time including arrival from the new station to the LNG Terminal is estimated below 3 minutes.

Steps to follow
Following the endorsement of the agreements, State Fire Service and Polskie LNG will define, under the law in force, the most efficient model of cooperation. Polskie LNG will launch a procurement procedure with the objective to select the designer and developer of the new rescue and firefighting station. The selected entity will be obliged to develop a design of the station and acquire all applicable permits, then to construct the building and acquire the permit to use. The State Fire Service, under the requirements of applicable law particularly pertaining to the organization of State Fire Service and Health, Safety and Environment Protection stations, as well as rescue and emergency procedures and in compliance with the requirements arising from hazard assessment and internal and external rescue and operational plans for the LNG Terminal, will establish applicable models ensuring that necessary human resources and equipment are available on call at the newly established station. Construction works on the new station are scheduled in 2015 and the project is due to be completed in 2017.
New Fire and Rescue Station of the State Fire Service
Cost: total cost of construction and equipment – estimated at approx. PLN 20 million;
plot: total area over 10.000 sq. m;
building: accommodating office and social premises of the firefighting and rescue station, technical space, workshops and storage room;
Garages: double, full-size garage for fire trucks and utility vehicles.