Great May Outing with Pirates!

5 May 2015
Świnoujście has just earned a recreational area that other seaside resorts may be jealous of. The site accommodates an amphitheatre, a mock-up of a great pirate ship, and an open-air gym to name just a few attractions. Polskie LNG, the investor in the construction of the liquefied natural gas import terminal, presented this PLN 1,2 million worth project to Świnoujście residents. The recreational area was opened to public during the long May weekend.

Not only the International Day of Labour was celebrated on May 1st, in Warszów district of Świnoujście. On this day, the “Great May Outing with Pirates” event took place, marking the inauguration of the recreational area in the vicinity of the Municipal Community Center and Kindergarten no. 9. A previously neglected area has been turned into a vibrant social site.

– It is a perfect location for both, a playground for the youngest citizens and a professional stage with canopy roof and auditorium, explains Bożena Rogowska, the director of the Municipal Community Center Branch in Warszów at 18, Sosnowa St. – A modern spot aimed at integration of the local community was established on an area of almost 3.5 thousand square meters of a fenced yard. We organize many open-air events for the residents and until now we had lacked a convenient location.

The entire area was fenced, illuminated and is constantly monitored. The stage was outfitted with professional sound system. This place, however, is dedicated to be used not only for fun and recreation, but also to serve educational purposes. Therefore, it displays special notice board with information about the history of Świnoujście city and Warszów district, as well as information about the LNG terminal.

– This area is expected to satisfy the needs of the district and the city, which – like other developing municipal areas – needs well organized and safe recreational sites, said Maciej Mazur, Corporate Communications Director at Polskie LNG S.A. – By virtue of this project we have acquired a place combining recreational functions with perfect site for innovative educational initiatives.

The recreational zone in Warszów district of Świnoujscie is one of the greatest investments accompanying the core project implemented by Polskie LNG S.A. for the benefit of the local community, but it is not the only one. The company intends to build and equip also a state-of-the-art Firefighting Station of the National Fire Service worth approx. PLN 20 million. The new station – located within the distance of 3 minutes’ walk from the terminal site – will protect LNG terminal and Świnoujście residents alike. Moreover, the investor in LNG Terminal intends to renovate Ku Morzu Street along with a car park and to refurbish the entrance to the beach on the right bank of the Świna river.