Challenge your brain

29 September 2015
On Tuesday, September 29th, school kids from Świnoujście will have an opportunity to take part in an amazing interactive exhibition titled “Mind caught red-handed” brought by Polskie LNG from the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. The exhibition comprising a collection of mind boggling attractions and mind traps will be open from 9 am to 3 pm in sports hall at the Municipal Community Centre at 1/1 Wojska Polskiego St.

Young visitors will discover whether the world around us is actually what we perceive it to be like. What happens when our senses receive conflicting information? How the brain interprets such prompts? Extremely popular touring exhibition of the Copernicus Science Centre sets mind traps and tries to trick you in a number of ways. This incredible exhibition arrives in Świnoujście at the invitation of Polskie LNG company, the investor in liquefied natural gas receiving and regasification terminal.

We are constantly striving to provide the local community with all kinds of benefits resulting from the proximity of the LNG terminal, says Maciej Mazur, director of Corporate Communications Bureau, Polskie LNG. – As we pay special attention to the education of the young generation, it is already the fifth exhibition organized with the support of Polskie LNG for students of Świnoujście schools. The first exhibition titled “Let’s Experiment”, organized by the famous Copernicus Science Centre took place in 2013. Subsequent exhibitions were organized during the “Weekend at Warszów” events as a part of FAMA festival as well as at Municipal Community Centre last year.

The exhibition “Mind caught red-handed” was invented and created by Copernicus Science Centre experts supported by top scientists. It was created in response to a huge and lasting popularity of the first traveling Copernicus’ exhibition i.e. “Let’s Experiment”. The exhibition comprises about 13-15 interactive exhibits of intriguing names – e.g. ‘under the command of emotions’, ‘beneath the senses’, ‘hunting the dots’. Along with the exhibition, three animators from the Copernicus Science Centre will arrive at Świnoujście. These experts will explain how the exhibits work and help understand the phenomena demonstrated during the shows.

This exhibition is designed to provoke the perception of the limitations and determinants of our own senses, as these are our inborn research instruments, says Irena Cieślińska, deputy director of the Copernicus Science Center – Learning begins once we realize that our senses can not be trusted, that they are unreliable, and we try somehow to overcome this imperfection.

The animators from the Copernicus Science Center explain in a comprehensible way how our brain creates the picture of the surrounding world, how it selects and picks relevant information from the buzz. It guesses, ponders, seeks for correlations, manipulates our memory. Experiments evoke peals of laughter, surprise and arouse curiosity of people of all ages. The exhibits are interactive. This means that one has to try everything by oneself: touch, check, examine. Because the main “showpiece” of this exhibition is the observer.

Many experiment results may astonish the viewers … When you realize that you can hear with your elbow, why not to repeat this experiment with a stick or pen? If we can painlessly sit on nails, will it be the same on gravel? How is that possible that we cannot recognize whether an object is hot or cold? “Mind caught red-handed” exhibition subjects us to a kind of scientific initiation process. With this exhibition we can even reach a wider range of public and convince people of all ages that science is a fascinating adventure.

The arrival of exhibitions prepared by experts from the Copernicus Science Centre to Świnoujście is not a coincidence. Since September 2013, Polskie LNG has been the exclusive partner of the Physics Laboratory at the Copernicus Science Centre and the custodian of the “Water, Electricity, Gas” exhibit in the gallery titled “Man and Environment”. In the course of a number of joint activities, the CSC and PLNG presented the physical phenomena occurring in the process of gas transmission and also developed the scenario of educational activities implemented in the Physics Lab at the CSC.