Support for the City Hospital and the Fire Service

The LNG terminal has become an intrinsic element of Świnoujście. Being a responsible member of the community, Polskie LNG is committed to initiatives whose aim is to increase safety and comfort of living.
Polskie LNG is known as a good neighbour, especially in the Warszów district which the company supports whenever possible. 

One example of such initiatives is granting financial support to the Jan Garduła City Hospital and the National Fire Service. 

The hospital received funds for the purchase of laparoscopy equipment with a package of disposable medical supplies and primary care surgery fittings. The Internal Ward received diagnostic devices for measuring blood pressure using the Holter method and software for data analysis. Municipal Headquarters of the National Fire Service in Świnoujście received Sperian gas cylinders, high-altitude evacuation equipment and DZS3600 radiotelephones remote control device.

Polskie LNG also provided necessary funds for renovation of the SD-30 IVECO MAGIRUS turntable ladder used by the National Fire Service and medical equipment and fittings. The company also supported the provincial celebrations of the Fire-fighter Day and the 20th anniversary of the National Fire Service. The celebrations featured activities for children and teenagers during which they were instructed on how to deliver first aid and how to respond to and behave at the scene of a road accident.