Support for St. James’ Fair in Szczecin

St. James has been the patron saint of the Cathedral Basilica in Szczecin for over 800 years, but it wasn't until 2009 when St. James' church fair was organised and a local custom called St. James’ Fair began.
St. James’ Fair contributes to the creation of the modern cultural image of West Pomerania.

When first organised, St. James' Fair was well received by the residents and participants and was recognized as an important socio-economic, religious and cultural event. Its modern form refers to a medieval tradition of church fairs – where folk artists, cuisiniers, folk bands and craftsmen featured among the representatives of various trades.

Polskie LNG supported the organisation of the St. James’ Fair in 2012 because it is a cultural event which contributes to the creation of the modern cultural image of West Pomerania and counterbalances the omnipresentmass culture. The intention of the organisers was to combine innovation and tradition and make it the region's landmark, a tourist attraction and, most importantly, highlight the culture of the local residents.