Strategic cooperation between Polskie LNG and WOPR

As the biggest investor in the region and a responsible member of the Świnoujście local community, Polskie LNG feels obliged to support initiatives aimed at increasing safety.
W ramach projektu "Błękitna  Szkoła Pierwszej  Pomocy” odbywają się pokazy technik ratowniczych i podstawowych zabiegów podtrzymujących funkcje życiowe.

This is why the “Blue Energy” program was launched in July this year and marked the beginning of cooperation between the Voluntary Water Rescue Emergency Service (WOPR) and Polskie LNG.

The objective of the program is to educate people on beach safety and promote the Warszów beach situated in the vicinity of the LNG terminal. “First Aid Blue Academy” is a part of the program which features demonstrations of life-saving techniques and basic rescue actions.

Under the Academy, the Polish Lifeguard Championships took place. The competition tested the skills, endurance, versatility and fitness of participating lifeguards. The winners received prizes and cash awards founded by WOPR and its partners, including Polskie LNG.

The end of the summer does not put an end to the “Blue Energy” program, however. Beach safety courses are continued in schools under the “I Already Know” and “Help Yourself by Helping Others” educational campaigns. Both campaigns focus on and are greatly popular among young residents of Świnoujście.