Patron of the “4 Seasons with NATURA 2000” Project

The "4 Seasons with NATURA 2000" is an informative and educational project supported by Polskie LNG whose main aim is to inform the residents and tourists visiting the coast about the areas of the Natura 2000 ecological network.
The project is a key element of a strategic project: the web page "Brzeg Morski".

The project's key element is the web page containing information and interactive GIS maps. The portal will be equipped with a distance learning facility meeting the educational and informative objectives of the project. The first stage of the project involves an all-year-round information campaign divided into four seasons. It will be carried out in 32 communes which constitute the Association of Marine Cities and Communes.

The second stage of the project is a series of 6 workshops and a concluding conference. Local animators will be selected during the second stage of the project. They will assume the responsibility for promoting conservation and share information on how to use the resources of the Natura 2000 areas in line with the principles of sustainable development.