Lighthouse Day with Polskie LNG

The neighbour of the tallest lighthouse on the Polish coast - Polskie LNG - is an active participant of the International Lighthouse Days. 
Lighthouse in Świnoujście is the  tallest brick lighthouse, the tallest in Poland and one of the tallest in Europe.

The event is organised on the third Sunday in August. It is currently one of the biggest local events in Świnoujście. It is organised by the Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Latarń Morskich (lighthouse enthusiasts' association) established in June 1996 by the Maritime Office in Szczecin. The event attracts crowds of enthusiasts. This is not only due to the possibility of visiting a war ship and a lighthouse free of charge (also at dusk) but also because of the mysterious aura surrounding the very building. As the legend has it, you can encounter a ghost of a mysterious lighthouse keeper…

This year's celebrations were initiated traditionally by sea christening and paying homage to Neptune. Active participants had an opportunity to take part in the Second Climbing Race up the Lighthouse. The contestants had over 300 steps to climb! Everyone, not only the fit ones, were welcome to take part in the Neptune's Trident Sea Tournament. Some parts of the quiz involved knowledge of LNG technology and the LNG terminal.