Important historic events

Świnoujście is a special city, not only thanks to its most beautiful Baltic beaches and sun-drenched islands, but also for a massive stronghold situated at the mouth of the Świna river, which has been extended over the last 1000 years. Now it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region.
Twierdza Świnoujście to zespół fortyfikacji wzniesiony w XIX wieku.

Polskie LNG is an active participant of the annual event called “Days of the Fortress on the Islands” which attracts thousands of reenactors dressed in uniforms from various epochs, tens of meticulously renovated fighting vehicles and, most importantly, thousands of spectators who crave to see a military show.

The event was first organised in 2011 and was very popular among tourists and this has not changed since then. Battle reenactments, impressive pyrotechnics displays, soldiers’ uniforms and weaponry make an unforgettable impression.

Fort Gerhard holds various events and is home to the Museum of Coastal Defence. The PAW 600 anti-tank gun will be soon renovated thanks to the Polskie LNG’s support and will become one of the most important highlights. It was dug out from the Świnoujście port canal. This German anti-tank gun is unique on a world-scale. There are only two more, both in US museums, including one in Fort Knox.