European LNG Training Centre

The LNG terminal is a technologically sophisticated facility. Highly qualified personnel is essential to guarantee its correct operation. In 2010, Polskie LNG and the Maritime University of Szczecin signed an agreement on the establishment of the European LNG Training Centre. This is Europe's most modern training centre equipped with training simulators.
The European LNG Training Centre as the only training centre in Europe which has as many as four ship and terminal simulators. 

The European LNG Training Centre was established on the basis of the agreement with the Maritime University in Szczecin. The creation of the Centre allows graduates and students to acquire qualifications in LNG transshipment, to develop their careers as professional methane carriers crew members and qualified terminal personnel.

Students of the European LNG Training Centre will also have the opportunity to find employment in LNG transshipment terminals, for instance in Świnoujście. The AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków joined the project and organised postgraduate studies in liquefied gas transport and terminal operations.

The European LNG Training Centre is the second training centre of this kind in Europe, but first in which the simulators are located in one place. There are four state-of-the-art simulators:

  • Full Mission Bridge Simulator (FMBS) which allows to manoeuvre the Q-FLEX liquefied gas carriers and berth at the jetty of the LNG terminal on a virtual model of the external port in Świnoujście. This simulator features a full 3D visualisation of the surroundings and it reconstructs all subsystems which are present in a real liquefied gas carrier.
  • Training simulator designed for tugboat crews which allows to develop skills of precise LNG carrier berthing to terminal and unloading devices using specialist subsystems for dynamic and precise positioning of objects in motion.
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (LCHS). This simulator is designed for training experts in loading, unloading and processing of LNG on board of a ship and from the terminal.
  • Simulator of technological processes (Plant Simulator) which allows to perform all standard operations and practice response to emergency situations. This simulator was purchased by Polskie LNG for approximately USD 1 million.

The European LNG Training Centre also features a sea rescue training centre where students learn how to react in emergency situations, how to operate equipment and practise their skills in chemical, fire and sea rescue techniques.