In harmony with nature

The Świnoujście project is designed to harmoniously coexist with nature. It was a real challenge to construct the LNG terminal in a way which would not result in major impact on the surroundings.
Construction of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście is conducted in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and care for the environment.

The project is carried out in the Natura 2000 zone. It is located in the vicinity of dunes and forests being the habitat for protected plant and fungi species. Five meters away from the borders of the LNG terminal, in an old German bunker, there is a bat refuge, while the pond at the construction site is inhabited by amphibians and reptiles.  The ecosystem requires constant supervision allowing immediate reaction to potential changes. For instance, in 2010 amphibians  identified in a temporary body of water were translocated to a safe place. Similar measures are taken in the case of plants in danger. Natural habitats of plants, fungi, lichen and fauna are monitored over a 100-meter-wide stretch of land along the borders of the project site.

Other protective measures consist in carrying out works which were planned beforehand outside the project site, in the Natura 2000 areas. For instance, endangered elymus farctus was moved to a different location and over 3.5 thousand trees and shrubs were planted.

Many important environment-related decisions had been made before the beginning of the project. Initially, for instance, the terminal was supposed to be located directly on the sea shore. It was, however, moved 750 meters back towards the mainland in order to leave the dunes and plantlife as well as fortifications and bunkers untouched. Different alternatives regarding the route of a 10-meter corridor connecting the LNG terminal with the jetty were taken into consideration. Eventually, the trestle bridge option was chosen, as having the least impact on the Natura 2000 habitats and ensuring that residents have easy access to the beach and historic buildings.