Environment under control

Even such a big project as big as the LNG terminal in Świnoujście does not need to be troublesome for the residents or harmful to the natural environment. Noise may be reduced to the minimum level and waste may be well-managed.
With the construction of the LNG terminal more favorable conditions for marine life will arise.

The level of noise on the construction site is constantly monitored. The construction equipment was specially selected to ensure lowest possible level of noise. Works causing noise pollution are planned so as not to cause noise accumulation. Similar rules will apply during the operation of the LNG terminal when methane carriers reach the port.

The construction site generates mainly construction waste (concrete, carton, paper, steel elements). It is collected in designated places and then, if possible, re-used. Authorised entities deal with waste management. Waste management is continuously monitored, the same applies to ground waters and surface waters. A network of piezometers was established in order to monitor the level of underground waters, both in the construction site and in neighbouring areas. Chemical composition and the quality of water are also measured on a regular basis. The objective of such monitoring activities is to minimise changes to the natural conditions of water and soil outside the construction site. The task is not an easy one as the underground waters in this region are high

The location of the terminal was determined in consideration of harmonious coexistence with the natural environment. Moreover, in many cases, it will have a positive effect on marine fauna species: deeper dock basin may become a place for sea fish wintering and the outer sea away from breakwater – a place where herrings may spawn. Since the LNG terminal installations cross one of the main routes of bird migration in Europe, the breakwater may serve as a resting place and the area to the east – their feeding area. Convenient natural setting allows the LNG terminal to be a pro-ecological project:  since a vast majority of winds blow from the south and west, the emissions to the atmosphere will be directed towards outer sea.

The six-metre-high earth embankment with trees and bushes facing the residential area improves the residents' comfort. The project provides a number of solutions contributing to the harmonious coexistence with natural environment. These include a new entrance to the beach with a car park for residents and tourists and signs along tourist trails and a new educational path.