Clean Fuel

Trucks powered by natural gas are more ecological, gas powered plants are cheaper than coal powered ones and gas locomotives are more durable than the traditional ones. The blue fuel is on the rise all over the world.
Although gas is not a scarce resource in Poland, additional supplies will be more than welcome.

The Gas El Dorado is located far from Poland, but nowadays such a distance is not an obstacle to take advantage of this resource. Natural gas can be liquefied, loaded on a ship and transported for example from the Arabian Peninsula to Świnoujście. Gas is a convenient commodity for transport because after liquefaction its volume is reduced 60-fold. In Świnoujście, where the LNG terminal is erected, liquefied gas will undergo the regasification process and injected into the transmission network.
Although gas is not a scarce resource in Poland because we import large quantities from the east, additional supplies will be more than welcome: the economy will take advantage of availability of large quantities of gas, gas powered plants will be built and an increasing number of cars will use gas engines. The scope of LNG applications is very long and it also features ships; LNG may soon become the number one fuel used to power vessels sailing on the seas of the Old Continent. This will stem from the new EU directive on the limits on the emission of pollutants from vessels. Vessels in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea will have to replace diesel fuel with gas.

Liquefied natural gas is becoming increasingly popular all around the world as many experts perceive it a gem among other types of fuel – it is crystal clear and, hence, environmentally-friendly, safe and – most importantly – economical. Annually over 330 billion cubic metres of LNG are used worldwide, whereas the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) does not exceed 1 per cent of this volume and the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) is even smaller. Currently, Poland’s gas consumption amounts to about 40 million cubic metres of LNG and after the commissioning of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście this value will reach 1.5 billion cubic metres.
LNG is top class among fuels, as less carbon dioxide is produced in the process of its combustion than that of petrol and diesel fuel, it is also more environmentally-friendly than coal and it is perfectly clean – impurities present in regular gas are eliminated during the process of cooling. More widespread use of gas translates into cleaner air and an increased security as gas will be purchased from various producers – from Qatar to Yemen, Algeria or Nigeria. There are more and more LNG suppliers which is good news for countries such as Poland which used to import gas from one source only.